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Edit 1: In Apr 2021, DolfinED seems to move to a subscription based model

Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently is the market leader in cloud computing. Azure and Google Cloud Platform is the second and third place respectively. If you are interested in AWS certification path, you can check out the official site.

There are lots of online training courses about AWS certifications. This article would briefly talk about some of them. Besides that, this article would provide links so that you may get a discounted price if it is known.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the instructors or companies for below courses.

Brief overview of selected AWS online training courses as of Feb 2021
Author Courses Price Related URL
Adrian Cantrill (powered by Teachable)
  • Currently he has all courses about AWS Associate level certifications
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS Certified Devops Engineer Professional and some specialty courses are coming
  • This is his roadmap
  • $40 for a single associate level course, $100 for a professional associate level course
  • He provides bundles. He also provides upgrade from single course or bundle to another bundle to save money
Stephane Maarek
  • He has all courses about AWS Associate and Professional level certifications
  • Covers Data Analytics, ML and database specialty courses
  • If you can wait, you can check it when Udemy is on sale. It's usually $9.99 to $12.99 per course.
  • If you can't wait, I suggest you check out his official website because the links provide discounted price at about $13 per course
Neal Davis
  • Currently he has all courses about AWS associate level certifications
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional (practice exam only)

Reasonable price, usually $14.99 for a single course and lowered if it is on sale

  • Video courses and practice tests are available on his Digital Cloud Training platform and Udemy
  • Training notes and practice tests are available in Amazon
Eissa Abousherif (DolfinED)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate older but it's a more detail course
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate newer and is exam focused
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • If you can wait, you can check it when Udemy is on sale
  • If you can't wait, I suggest you check out his official website for a discounted price
Zeal Vora
  • all AWS associate and professional level certifications except Sysops Associate
  • Kubernetes (CKA, CKAD, CKS), and HashiCorp
  • If you access Udemy directly, usually there is no discount even if other courses are on sale
  • So, be sure to check out Zeal's GitHub for discount codes

Adrian Cantrill

Adrian does not have courses on Udemy. He had learning courses in Linux Academy in the past. I only know about his training in Reddit. It could be a disadvantage since a lot of people including me are accustomed to check out Udemy when they look for online training courses. In terms of quality, his courses are top notch with lots of hands on material. He does not offer discount or coupon for his courses.

Stephane Maarek

Stephane's AWS courses are one of the best sellers in Udemy. Without prior knowledge about AWS training courses, one would usually buy his course because of his review rating and popularity. In terms of hands on material I would prefer Adrian than Stephane. Stephane is interested and experienced in Apache Kafka.

Hidden Gem: some of his older version of the deep dive courses could be found on Packt publishing. If you have a Packt subscription you can check it out.

Neal Davis

I had not attended Neal's AWS Associate/Professional courses. But I had attended some of his time limited free courses about AWS IAM and networking. I found his speech and material is easy to understand. It is said that Neal's practice tests are harder than the actual examination. If you have time, check it out besides studying the practice tests from Tutorial Dojo.

Eissa Abousherif

I took Eissa's AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course (the older one). It is very detail. I think the biggest problems to be are: the course is too long (83 hours) and his drawing (and some typing) is using a mouse, it is not easy to read.

Zeal Vora

From his Udemy profile page, Zeal Vora is specialized in Cloud and Security. He has courses about AWS, Kubernetes and HashiCorp. He and Stuart Scott are the few instructors that prodiving training for AWS Security Specialty Certification.

Courses not covered by this article

Besides the above instructors, there are two instructors that you may want to check.

  • Andrew Brown (ExamPro). He made some free courses (freecodecamp) in YouTube. He is the CEO of ExamPro which provides training for AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud platform.
  • Stuart Scott (CloudAcademy). His specialty is security. He has a training course for the AWS Security Specialty Certification.

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