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The .Quest TLD domain, together with, .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup are available for public to purchase. To me, it seems the news was not advertised a lot (I mainly use Twitter). While browsing for some new domains I discovered these TLD are already on sale. These domains are under the operation of Generation.XYZ LLC. They have a blog about it.

The "Quest" means pursuing, searching, or an attempt to achieve something or a journey. I fetched some new domains and their names are:

I liked cloud native and I may use the domain if no one is interested about the domain CloudNative.Quest. The .XYZ TLD was released to public in 2014. The public registration of .XYZ TLD domains is in 2014. Like .com TLD domains, most good domain names were already taken.

I had put those domains on sale in the Porkbun marketplace. To buy the domains, you can access the URL of the domain name or check them out in Porkbun marketplace. It is nice because Porkbun had recently include aftermarket function. Porkbun had made the aftermarket function easy to use. I could set parking and the desired selling price easily. Kudos to Porkbun. Finally, let's see if anybody or companies is interested in those domains.

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